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If your carpet has formations in it like wrinkles or waves, it needs to be stretched! We can perform carpet stretching for you quickly and efficiently, so please reach out today for appointment.

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Carpet stretching ends up saving you lots of money by avoiding replacement. And, can really make your carpet look good again by removing unsightly formations that have developed over time. Carpet stretching is very much one of these topics that most customers don’t even know exists, more or less how it works. Plus, since loose carpet is the most overlooked carpet issue with serious consequences, here’s some more information.

Long Term Wrinkles – Before and After Carpet Stretching

Wrinkles – Before and After Carpet Stretching

This customer called us a bit too late for completely avoiding permanent damage. Not to say end result doesn’t look great, when compared to before we stretched. But, there’s no denying the permanent damage left behind. Hence, why this is a good example of why you should stretch your carpet sooner than later. These wrinkles were very narrow, and most likely walked on frequently just due to being in hallway. They also look small enough to not really be a problem, so all the more reason for us to write about this job. It’s hard to tell what wrinkles will cause exactly what damage, so it’s best to keep it simple. If your carpet isn’t flat like it’s supposed to be, you should get it stretched to avoid permanent damage.

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Complex Flow  – Wrinkles Before and After Carpet Stretching

Complex Flow – Before and After Carpet Stretching

A power stretcher needs to be used when stretching carpet, unless area needing stretch is too small for power stretcher to fit when assembled. Part of the reason so many carpets nowadays develop visible looseness, is because they weren’t stretched tight enough upon installation. Curious how a power stretcher works? We’ll show you, because that’s how we perform our stretching. As much as we love our power stretcher, we won’t deny that a knee kicker is still a vital tool too. As shown above, our knee kicker helped us tighten up this difficult edge at hardwood transition. Due to wrinkles running more-than-perpendicular away from transition, we needed to stretch majority of this carpet’s looseness away from it. We used power stretcher to pull carpet towards open area, to avoid disrupting hallway and rooms attached to hallway as much as possible. Then, finished carpet tightening off with knee kicker as we wrapped around hardwood corner and got transition edge back to flush and tight. This job might not look like it, but it was a very difficult one. Essentially, we needed to stretch this carpet in phases and angles to work our way around hardwood transition corner. Then, diagonally through open area in avoidance of having to bring wrinkles fully through hallway at other end. Most stretching jobs are more straightforward than this, which is why this is another good example for us to show. If your carpet needs stretching, we’re prepared and we’d love to help!