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Carpet patching can really save you some time and money, so please reach out if you think we might be able to help. We gladly answer any questions, and can usually provide a rough cost estimate right away!

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As much as it’s best you provide carpet needed for patchwork, we can sometimes provide a non-matching remnant to perform swap with. What we mean by swap is, we take “matching” carpet from an area where putting back a non-matching piece is acceptable. This way we have best-looking piece of carpet to patch into damaged area, and we avoid a bare spot where we take “matching” from. We say “matching” because although piece is technically the same color and style of carpet where patch is needed, it’s usually seen much less traffic and/or sun. Therefore, it’s actually a different shade of same color, which can appear like a different carpet altogether, though it will be best match compared to anything else. 

Doorway Pet Damage – Before and After Carpet Patching

Here’s an example where customer had some carpet for us to work with, and you can still see a slight color variance. Patch looks great, but not 100% invisible due to color shade difference. This is also about as straight-forward as patching can come in about every other way too. Slight damage right at a doorway from a loved one trying to get in or out, and that’s it. Transition metal piece was still fine, and no subfloor work to be done or padding to be added. 

All we needed to do was perform patchwork, and this is carpet repair at it’s finest. We were able to help this person eliminate the unsightly damage at a minimum trip charge, and get everything taken care of within 48 hours of being called. We can’t always get out to you this quick, but point is that we can. Plus in general, a carpet patch repair takes a considerable less amount of time to complete then replacement process, and comes nowhere near the cost of replacement too.

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Large Permanent Stains – Before and After Carpet Patching

Above is an example of when carpet patching was a big part of a remodel. Customer had a limited budget overall, so when they decided to redo a room that was previously carpeted in laminate; they now had carpet available to replace a few large areas where remaining carpet was very not looking good anymore. We aren’t sure where those big, black stains came from but we do know that cleaning didn’t eliminate them. Customer tried to clean them out more than once, so to get rid of these stains was a big deal. Especially since we got to recycle carpet that was going to be thrown away, and customer was able to do other things with their budget instead of replacing entire hallway with new carpet. 


You can definitely tell section in hallway was patched, as carpet used for patching already had some wear and tear and it’s a fairly significant different shade than original hallway carpet. But going from “need to do something about this” to “acceptable” is huge, again especially when on a budget and having other things you need to get done too. Overall, whether small, large, or anything in between; hopefully you see how carpet patching could help you out with your situation! Please give us a call, or send us a text if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.