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To our surprise, we still hear from many customers, they didn’t know carpet can be repaired. So if you’re unsure about anything, please reach out to us. We’ve been doing this for many years, and we love being of service, so we’re happy to talk through any carpet situation. Plus, we can usually help at a good price.

Below, you’ll find an introduction to carpet repair, some examples of our work, and our service process explained. Please remember to contact us if anything else is still on your mind after you get to the bottom of this page!


Carpet Patching

Pet Scratch – Before and After Carpet Patching

Carpet takes a lot of wear and tear, and that’s why we offer carpet patching services. Simply put, we replace the area of damaged carpet with a fresh carpet piece (called a “remnant”). At a glance, you might not even notice the slight variations in color between the new and old carpets. The color variations depend on how much wear each carpet has seen—more wear equals a more noticeable variation. Regardless, it’s far less noticeable than damage from a bleach spill, pet scratch like above, or nail polish splash, for example!

Where does the carpet remnant come from? You will need to provide it, using one of these simple options: We remove some carpet from a less-important area, like the back of a closet, where you aren’t going to miss it (because this will leave a bare spot). You might find some extra, leftover carpet from your original install somewhere. Or visit a local carpet store, and shop their clearance offerings for a small carpet piece that matches, or something good enough to do a swap with. In fact, many of our customers prefer to first replace the carpet in their closet with what they purchase from store, and then use the closet’s original carpet for the patch. Wondering if carpet patching would work on your carpet issue, or how it would look? Ask us now!

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Carpet Stretching

Medium Looseness – Before and After Carpet Stretching

What’s the most dangerous carpet condition? Loose carpet! When your carpet is loose and forming wrinkles, not only do you risk tripping someone, but you also risk permanent carpet damage. Continuing to walk or vacuum over the wrinkles may cause the carpet’s backing to degrade, so you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

Our carpet stretching service helps you avoid permanent carpet damage, and gets your carpet looking good again. While some carpets are more vulnerable than others, many carpets are easily repaired with minimal lingering effects. (In more serious cases, where wrinkles existed for a long time, crease marks may remain. Your carpet will be flat again though, with no chance of further damage.) Just look at this photographic example—while the carpet wrinkles weren’t that large, they were still unsightly, and could cause permanent damage. Look at the results—smooth, clear carpet with a tight surface. Does your carpet need stretching? Let us know. If you contact us today, you will usually see us within 3-4 days (sometimes less).

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Misc Carpet Repair

Tear Fixed w/out Patching – Misc Carpet Repair

You just never know what will happen to your carpet, and sometimes, you need a unique fix. Like you, we prefer avoiding patches when possible. In this photograph, you’ll see that we repaired this carpet damage using our top-notch knife and seaming techniques—without using a patch! Look how seamless it appears! If you wonder how we might be able to repair your carpet (maybe even without a patch), feel free to text us photos. You’ll receive a quick, professional opinion with information on exactly how we would repair it.

Of course, sometimes, carpet presents unique situations. Have you installed new laminate? You’ll need a proper carpet transition. Did a water incident force you to rip out your carpet’s padding? You’ll need replacement padding. Are you dealing with a frustrating glued-down carpet? You’ll need removal help. Whatever your carpet needs, call or text us—we’re here to help you with both common, and once-in-a-lifetime carpet needs.

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A Little Bit More About Carpet Repair And Us

Though we run across many kinds of carpet repair, stretching and patching are the most important techniques we use. Most of the time, jobs are easy. And even if a job takes more time or work than first expected, it will still be completed with quality.

When we visit your carpet situation, we’ll look at everything and explain the process needed, including details about the end result and firm cost. Then, you’ll decide whether or not you want the work performed. If you approve, we’ll start at once. If you don’t approve, we’ll leave and won’t charge you anything!

We work fast, also. Once you contact us, we’ll usually schedule your appointment within 3-4 days (sometimes less). At work or school during the day? We also schedule weekend appointments as needed.

Questions or concerns about your carpet? We can help!